The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else…

…which makes you unique. -Walt Disney

Walt said it best. Learn to accept who you are and you’ll quickly realize how special you truly are. Its not always easy to accept yourself as you. I believe I am unique because of my personality and how I look at the world. Do I always accept that? No. But would I trade my love of Captain America or my happy obsession with Disney because I feel like others don’t understand my uniqueness? No.

A couple weeks ago I celebrated two years of writing this blog and posting on my Instagram. Two years of adventures and reminders of previous trips through the U.S. and around the world. And not once in the past two years I’ve I written post about myself. Thankfully some of my uniqueness has translated into a supportive group of people that share a love of Disney as I do. They gave me the opportunity to write a post about my uniqueness. So here are ten things about me.

  1. First and foremost, I am an unapologetic straight shooter. Also known as an independently stubborn woman who knows how to lead. I’ve accepted this which was one of the hardest things to do and yet one of the most liberating.
  2. I’m New Mexican. I was born in the Land of Enchantment and called it home for most of my life until relocating to the nation’s capitol for work.
  3. I love all things Summer. The heat, pools, BBQs, baseball, picnics, sunscreen, ice cream, fireworks, etc. It’s a good thing I was born in summer.19702760_10155603158692369_2462031588561172620_o
  4. I love traveling. I really have no preference on where or when. I repeat some locations, and others I don’t simply because there’s so much to see in the world. Some of the most adventurous places have been Egypt and Cuba. Some of the most beautiful were Belize, St. Lucia, and Germany.
  5. Disney gave me to the ability to imagine and dream anything is possible. There was a whole world out there that could be accessed through many pictures, movies, and books. Some of my earliest memories included Disney. My favorites:
    • Movie: As a kid it was The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast. As an adult it is Moana & Coco
    • Princess/Prince: Belle &Prince Adam (Beast) as a kid but Moana and Hercules as an adult (a Greek God counts right?)
    • King & Queen: Simba & Nala
    • Sidekick: Lumiere
    • Villain: Gaston & Scar
    • Original: Donald Duck
  6. Captain America is my favorite superhero because of what he stands for and how he addresses an issue. In addition he’s a handsome gentlemen with a heart of gold.

    Captain America Statue in Brooklyn, New York
  7. Country music speaks to my sole. I grew up on country music and pretty much have never really listened to anything else. Plus I’m a stellar dancer that also expands to Ballroom, Latin, and Swing.

    Chris Young
  8. Harry Potter may not be my favorite book (shocking given my love of the books) but I believe it covers so many literary tools that we had to learn in English class and real life metaphors. Plus who isn’t proud to learn what House they were sorted into? Ravenclaw pride right here.

    House Ravenclaw!
  9. History has been one of my favorite subjects. Being in Washington, DC gives me the opportunity to learn from the past while being part of the present. I have also enjoy visiting distant places of historical significance and many museums.

    Chaco Canyon National Heritage Park/UNESCO World Heritage Site
  10. Sending snail mail is a joy. Addressing postcards, writing letters, sending a card are just some of the many ways I make a spectacular pen pal. And that’s probably why I enjoy instagram so much and being apart of the blog hop post. Electronic mail can be just as amazing as snail mail for different meanings.

Regardless of what makes you you. Enjoy it. Accept it. Love it. It’s what makes you unique. And thank you to the lovely group that was supportive of post. This blog hop post is hopefully a new adventure. For more Disney content click the next button below to read more!





Until the next adventure or the remembrance one,


Comments? Questions?  We would love to hear from you.

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