I regret nothing…

…Ever. – Captain Jack Sparrow

Welcome back to another Disney Bloghop! Once complete click the next and follow the hop to read more about this months topic: splurging at Disney.

Now we all know how much Disney can add up after a while. In most cases, everyone refrains from $$$$$ or $$$$. Lots of dollar signs right. Which is often why most, myself included, try to find deals, bargain shop, and save any way we can. If Disney had a hostel I’d probably stay there every time. Unfortunately most places are resorts, the best food can be pricey, and the many items they sell are super irresistible can add up quickly. All before the price per ticket to get into a park.

But sometimes we splurge. For me, it’s one of three items that often play into the outfit. First is the Disney shirt. Second, the ears or tiara. And last the only souvenir I bring home from the parks, an Alex & Ani bracelet.

Most of the time I travel to Disney during the warmer months. So rarely do I need to worry about having layers for park days. My basic outfit consists of shorts and a Disney tank that I ordered from Etsy. Occasionally I’ll get a Disney sweater but that’s a rare purchase.

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Next is the Disney ears or tiara. My tiara has been a splurge that has proven to be of use over and over again, including for birthdays and Halloween. I bought it at the tiara stand in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT. Me and the roommate were admiring them and trying them on for fun. Initially we didn’t plan on buying one but after a little more admiration we took the plunge. As for ears, I’ve had a pair of princess pink ones with my name for years. I purchased the original BB-8 ears for fun, found the Donald Duck hat at the Disney Character Warehouse, and bought the Mouseketeer headband not that long ago. I have also purchase two handmade pieces: a pair of red, white, and blue ears for the 4th of July and the Lion King now that attaches to the interchangeable bow ears I recently got.

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Lastly, is the one souvenir I get from Disney each trip, my Alex and Ani bracelet to represent the theme of the trip. They are as follows:

  1. Hakuna Matata for the first full four day/four park trip I took to WDW.
  2. Belle for my my last visit to Disneyland since she was my favorite princess as a kid and Disneyland was the park I grew up on.
  3. May the Force Be With You for the first time celebrating May the 4th at Hollywood Studios
  4. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes to represent the girls trip I took to WDW.
  5. American Flag Mickey for my first birthday trip to WDW.
  6. Coco Guitar for my first family trip to WDW.
  7. Just Keep Swimming for my best friends birthday since it was a favorite of our as kids.
  8. Rafiki’s Simba for my long awaiting return to Animal Kingdom during the Festival of the Lion King.
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    Splurging can be fun, especially when you find something you love. Generally I save the splurging for a gift for someone and have been a thirsty shopper for myself. But every so often I go for it. Don’t forget to click next!


Until the next adventure or remembrance of one,


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11 thoughts on “I regret nothing…

  1. Love the Alex and Ani bracelets also. It’s fun to wear them outside of the parks too when suffering from Disney withdrawal. Great that you have a special memory attached to each one.


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