“There’s only 365 days until next…

Halloween.” “364.” -Mayor and Wolfman, Nightmare Before Christmas

Another bloghop post! This months themes is you guessed it… Halloween! As usual click the next button to read another post in the hop.

Halloween is one of my roommates favorite holidays. And I just love costume parties. So typically we do some sort of matching costume. We’ve done superheroes, holidays, and Disney characters (Lilo & Stitch, Becky & Hei Hei). Because hey, Halloween like other holidays are only one day of the year. So spend the time prior to the day decorating, creating, and ultimately enjoying that holiday.

The year we did Lilo & Stitch, she had found a Stitch onesie. She also bought blue gloves and super glued nails onto them to look like claws. She also purchased a make up kit to paint her face. For me, I simple went to the craft store and got green fabric to wrap around my waist for a hula skirt. I bought leis from the party store and a cute Scrump hair clip from Hot Topic and boom! Instant Lilo costume.

Another year we decided to create silly birds of Disney. We loved Becky the Loon from Finding Dory and Hei Hei the chicken from Moana. So we started to build the costume.

For Hei Hei, she ordered these gaudy gold tights and a green dress. I luckily had all black clothes and a white shirt. We visited the fabric store to buy a variety of yellows, greens, reds, and orange fabrics to make feathers for her outfit. Googly eyes were bought and I added hair clips to the back so we could pin them to our hair.

I found a black feathery looking vest that I altered by sewing the arm holes shut and added buttons in the front to make a cape. White feathers were also added to give it the appearance of her spots. Unlike my talented face painting roommate, I opted for a feathered mask. My final item was a green bucket that I taped Marlin and Nemo on the inside.

At the end of the day, I had a blast creating these costumes from scratch. We watched Disney movies and spent afternoons crafting (and just as much time cleaning up all the features or washing off face paint) and it was worth it to see people’s reactions to our creativity. And truth be told, creating a costume is probably my favorite part of Halloween.

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6 thoughts on ““There’s only 365 days until next…

    1. They were such a pain to deconstruct and paint their iris. However it did give me the opportunity to glue one pupil down and let the other move like crazy just like Becky. #beckywiththegoodeye


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