Life’s full of tough choices…

… Innit? -Ursula, the Little Mermaid

This post is a going to be debatable. We’re all stuck at home and I am one of the childless millennials that have a lot of time on their hands and probably is in a mood due to be cooped up.img_9356
The great news is this is part of a blog hop so if you disagree you can scroll to the bottom and hit next. Now gather around and let’s discuss some Disney films, songs, and theories.img_9364

  1. Maleficent may be top villain but I feel like Scar and Gaston should be ranked higher than they currently are. No one could rank higher than Maleficent. She literally cursed a baby. But Scar and Gaston are everyday normal guys that have everyday normal bad trait without magic (Ursula, Evil Queen, and Dr. Facilier), god like powers (Hades), sorcery (Jafar) or over all power given to them by birth right or the people (Frollo, Governor Ratcliffe, and Lady Tremaine). Yes, Scar could be considered Royalty since he is the Kings brother but he has no official duties in the movie. So he manipulates. And Gaston might be loved but the villagers but he also bullies because he is the best, he deserves the best. Also they both have the best theme songs in my opinion. Both Scar and Gaston use their traits to gain power, wealth, followers, etc.
  2. Frozen II is better. Much better. I get the love of the first one. I disagreed with it claiming it was the first sibling movie (what about Brother Bear or Nani & Lilo), the first where they didn’t need a man to ave the day (umm Mulan), or the first that say a romantic love wasn’t the true love that saved the day (Tarzan and Kerchak). But Frozen II focuses more on Elsa and Anna rather than Anna with help from Kristoff in the first film. In addition, it focused on the feelings of the sisters and their continued growth. Elsa was building confidence after isolation but still had unanswered questions, like the rest of us. Anna finally was angry after everything because she also suffered her whole life being separated from her sister. I loved the plot. Plus Show Yourself is better than Into the Unknown and Let It go. We did need Let It Go to crawl so Into the Unknown could walk and Show Yourself could run.
  3. Toy Story 3 should have been the end. Like anyone around my age, they probably were kids when Toy Story 1 & 2 came out and near college age when the 3rd was released. When 3 was out I literally felt the last of my childhood ending. Andy had an incredible hard decision to make and I was split with his final decision. Part of me was selfish and asked how he could leave Woody. But I was also fine with him leaving Woody with the gang because you cannot break up the group. I could have gone the rest of my life being semi ok with that ending given how town I was with Andy’s decision. And then Toy Story 4 came out.
  4. Toy Story 4 had a better ending for Woody. The 4th film showed us Woody wasn’t happy. So that part of me that was selfish during the 3rd film and felt Andy should have kept Woody was enraged and like “I told you so”. And the 4th movie addressed Woodys final journey to happiness since he wasn’t with Andy. His other love, Bo Peep, was brought back and she was a boss! She helped Woody find a new purpose. My only complaint (well one of two but we’ll save that for later) was the limited screen time the original gang had, especially Buzz. He hardly had a chance to be with Woody.
  5. Last one regarding Toy Story. I cannot stand Forky. My upmost apologies to all the families and children that love this character. I probably have favorites that are not on your list but bear with me. Forky was trash. Woody should have learned his lesson with Buzz during the first movie in trying to convince something they were. toy. I understand he was doing it for Bonnie but the girl had already forgotten about Woody (Andy would have never done that). Forky was pure imagination and that was awesome because I believe every child and adult should maintain an active imagination. But he never wanted to be a toy. I felt his only purpose was to get Woody lost so Woody could have a journey of self discovery. Pixar could have easily had Bonnie leave Woody on accident and he start his journey from there.
  6. Robin Hood doesn’t get the love it deserves. You have sword fights, comedy, silly villains, epic side kicks, and the cutest love lines shared between our fair Maid Marion and the dashing Robin Hood.
  7. Finding Dory was funnier than Finding Nemo but not as gut wrenchingly sad. You know your in for a comedic time when Dory is on a journey and get stuck with a grumpy old Septopus named Hank. And as much as cried during her reunion with her parents, it wasn’t the same amount of tears that I had during Nemo’s reunion with his dad. And I believe it was because I was in tears of laughter the moments before Dory met up with her parents. How could you not laugh at the truck flying through the air in slow motion.
  8. As a child I love Tigger and though Rabbit was just being a grump. As an adult, I relate to Rabbit and think Tigger needed to have some tea and calm down. I also think the live action was better than the old animated films.
  9. As much as we all love Baloo, he definitely taught Mowgli some bad traits at first and cause poor old Bagheera trouble. Maybe Baloo should have had the title of silly ole bead instead of Winnie the Pooh.
  1. The 80s and 90s Princesses were assertive so the 00s-10s could lead. We all love our original girls (Snow, Cindy, and Aurora) but our girls a few decades later and the ones we owe our sass, our future thoughts and empowerments, and our feminism too. Princess Eilonwy, Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine, and Mulan all took charge, spoke up, talked back, and sometimes insulted the villain. If you add other strong female characters from this era (Esmerelda & Megera) we had a phenomenal group the paved the way for future characters such as Nani & Lilo, Anna & Elsa, Tiana, Rapunzel, and my favorite Moana.

Again these are just my opinions on some Disney films and characters to pass the time while we are all stuck inside. Maybe I’ll do a live action versus originals next. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or you can click to read the next blog.


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10 thoughts on “Life’s full of tough choices…

  1. This is such a fun blog post! Now I want to do something similar haha! Robin Hood is such a fantastic movie, one of my favourites. And all the 90s Disney gals are amazing!

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  2. There are a lot of points in this post that I so agree with you on, and in my mind am saying she’s so right… LoL. The most important is Robin Hood, it is really underplayed and doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Great post


  3. Okay, Lady. Since everyone else was being nice ;)…. I’m ambivalent about #1 & 6. #7-10 are a resounding YES! although I still do love Baloo. Regarding #3-5, Toy Story should have stopped at 3 and Forky is just CREEPY. Not endearing. C R E E P Y. Perhaps you put Frozen 2 at #2 for a reason? Your conscious was trying to tell you something? I agree that the plot was okay, but the writing? Not so much. The whole movie felt like the animated series version of Frozen instead of an animated film. Great post and a welcome diversion from the Forkiness of everyday life these days!

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    1. Yass, bring it girl! Let’s discuss.I understand with 1. Everyone has a personal favorite villain and a movie they think doesn’t get the love the deserve. I agree that toy story should have ended at 3. I was so utterly torn with Andy’s decision. But I accepted it and moved on. And then toy story 4 comes out and it’s like why! Why open old wounds Pixar?! And yeah I’m not forky fan. I need to watch some of the shorts on Disney + but I feel like I going to complain. Haha. And oh frozen. How that movie has dominated the better part of the decade. I think Elsa’s self discovery and Anna’s growth into queen just demonstrated to me a much better bond between the sisters than the first. I think it was darker in comparison to the first. And it was two because I love ya fav villains and they come from some of my favorite movies. It started as one but points one and two ended up combine. The post started with a total frozen and toy story theme and I was like yikes I need to have other opinions.


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