Been dreamin’ of gettin’ away since I don’t know…

…Ain’t no better time than now for Mexico. – Kenny Chesney “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem”

My most recent solo trip was to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico. I was able to snag a flight for $299 round trip via Scott’s Cheap Flights. After a little research, I decided on the Mayan Monkey Hostel located right on the marina. I mostly wanted to spend time at the beach and partake in water activities, so the marina was the easiest access point. With the start of the three day weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I was off.

As soon as I arrived, I exchanged a few dollars for pesos, booked a shuttle, and checked into the hostel. I was in a ten bunk female room. There was only four of us most of the trip and the room had double showers, toilets, and sinks so we were never cramped while using the facilities.

The marina itself has many restaurants, bars, shops, pharmacies, tourist booths, and resorts. You can follow along the marina to access all of this. But more on places to eat later.

Things to Do

Cabo Shark Dive. The first activity I booked was for a Shark Snorkel. I knew if I didn’t book and go first thing, I would chicken out. I mean who else wakes up on a Tuesday and decides to just swim with sharks.

I booked with Cabo Shark Dive. They partner with Nat Geo for Shark Week and teach about ocean and animal sustainability in a safe but open water (no cage) environment. It wasn’t until I was researching companies to tour with that I learned from their site that cages were bad for these animals.

The crew members are extremely knowledgeable about the creatures and safety procedures during the experience. In addition, they take photos of your experience so you do not have to worry about taking your phone underwater.

It may take a while for a shark to approach. It did on this particular trip since all the cruise boats had come in and people had booked fishing excursions. I would recommend doing research on cruise ship schedules and not booking an animal excursion on port days.

But we were finally able to see a Mako. And boy did that shark Mako my day. We had a little time to spend in the water with this juvenile that swam safely 10 feet below us.

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Whale watching tour. Depending on the time of year, you will get to see humpback and blue whales in the area. Orcas have also been known to frequent in this area along with many other forms of sea life.

Sunset Hike. The sunsets in Cabo are spectacular during this time. Our hostel had a partnership with the resort across the street that we walked through it to access the beach. We continued down the beach until we reached Mt. Solmar at Land’s End. We climbed the rocks and then enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

El Arco (the Arch). Most of the animal excursions pass the arch in the early morning on your way out to sea. If you take a water taxi, this is one of the last spots you see before being dropped off at the beach. See below for more info on a water taxi.

El Arco (The Arch)

Lovers Beach & Divorce Beach. At the marina you are able to take a water taxi for no more than $10 dollars (round trip). I had a Captain that was even willing to hold flip flops in locked compartments so we didn’t have to drag them all over the beach. They take you on a small tour along the coast and then to El Arco before dropping you off. All you have to do is tell them how long you want to stay and then they will come at the exact time you want to be picked up. Things to consider: bring lots of sunscreen and water, snacks if your hungry. Things to remember: the boat name and captains name, bring back all trash, and there are no bathrooms.

The Marina. There’s plenty to see and do in the marina. Places to eat, shop, and even wildlife viewing.

Places to Eat

Soloman’s Landing. Words cannot begin to describe the food at Solomon’s. I had dinner there twice and ordered the same dish but with slight difference (chicken risotto with and without cilantro). Also order churros for dessert.

WTF Burger. I had lunch here twice. There are a few locations in the USA but this was a first time for me. If you need a break from seafood, which is how I found this place, go here and have a burger. They do not disappoint.

Captain Tony’s. Catch of the day is great for sharing. Most places offer chips and salsa on the house so use that as an appetizer. Also order any of the margaritas (frozen of course). I had a strawberry and a mango one to compliment the red snapper.

Baja California. They have swing seats that face the docks, making it a perfect place for drinks and dinner. I got fajitas but there are plenty of other traditional dishes.

LaTaverna Gastro Bar. They had a combo fish taco plate so I was able to try a few different fish tacos during the lunch hour. However, due to the early morning water excursions, I was hungry and forgot to take photos of the plate. Sometimes you just get lost in the moment.


There are a lot of resorts in the area but if you like the hostel life, there’s one right at the marina. I stayed at the Mayan Monkey Hostel. The hostel is situated above a few businesses, conveniance stores, and a Senior Frogs. But don’t worry about the noise. Once nightfall hits this small area gets quiet relatively quick. It’s only in the daytime with the cruise ships that this area is packed.

Pool area was perfect for sunbathing in the afternoon.

The hostel has a pool and bar, breakfast for about $5-6 dollars and lunch/dinner specials. Rooms range from private for 2-4 to mixed and same sex bunks that add up to ten beds equipped with plugs, curtains, and storage.

I’ve previously been to Cancun and as much as I loved that location, Cabo stole me heart. I guess West Coast is the Best Coast everywhere.

Until the next adventure or remembrance of one,


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